11B, Prof. Kachalov street, 192019, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Multi-channel phone +7 (812)777-50-10


Subsidiary: 2, Volocolamskoe highway, Russia, Moscow

Phone +7 (495) 755 17 35

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Plant of tubule's details "RECOM" is specialized in manufacturing tubule's details and fasteners. It has been operating on the flow market of Russia and CIS countries since 1992 and has become one of the leading suppliers for the companies in oil, gas, mechanical engeneering, chemical, shipbuilding, energy and other industries in the sector of pipeline connectors.


The company has an integrated corporate infrastructure which unites all the main business facilities in one place. This integration helps the company to provide the highest level of service to the clients. The plant, the warehouse and all the departments of the company are placed in Saint-Petersburg to the Headquarters' address and represent a comfortable customer-oriented structure.



The technical department consisting of the engineers with higher technical education and a large expirience of working in the sector of tubule's details provides the company with all the necessary technical information including drawing, engineering and lecturing. Day after day the department proves the possibility of satisfaction of  many individual customer  needs such as adapter flanges - a product which makes it possible to connect valves produced according to the international standarts (ASME, DIN, EN) to the GOST (Russian State Standart Specification) tubes.


All the products produced and sold by the company are certified. The total quality procedure is applied beginning from the raw material test and ending by the GOST R (All-Russian Standart) system: Compliance certificate, Licence for the manufacturing and using of the production issued by the Federal Agency of ecology, technical and nuclear inspection; License for the engineering and producing by the PROMATOMNADZOR of the Belarus Republic, License for the manufacturing and using of the production for nuclear power stations issued by the Federal Agency of ecology, technical and nuclear inspection, Certificate of approval issued by Russian Sea Register of Shipping.
The company received the ISO 9001 certifacate.



The complete customers' satisfaction can be reached only by researching the whole complex of demand. Basing on the marketing researches the specialists of the company propose the new business ideas and new product lines. The decision is taken only after the R&D, economy and marketing department do the necessary analysis and give the reports. Going through such a complex procedure of development gives the proven results and heightens the level of the company's business effectiveness.


Expanding the borders of the company's sales territory gave birth to the international sales activities in the end of the 90-s. Today nearly 30% of the sales are done in the CIS countries, Baltic countries and Europe. During the years of exporting the cocompany got the largest expirience in offering the best suitable terms of delivery, fast customs procedure and VAT recovering.